Adopted ID

Adopted ID is a gripping film which uncovers the extraordinary journey of Judith Craig Morency. Abandoned at birth, she bravely returns to the nation of Haiti to find her birth parents. From the poverty-stricken families who’ve given up a child to the foreign families looking to adopt one, these disparate worlds collide amid Judith’s quest to solve the puzzle of her past. With the sights and sounds of pre-earthquake Haiti as a backdrop, these intersecting lives provide a rare and intimate insight into the conditions surrounding inter-racial adoption. Adopted ID was filmed and directed by Sonia Godding Togobo (

“Adopted ID is a fascinating, powerful and ultimately heart-warming film. Delivered with a genuine insight and intimacy” 
– Ollie Tait – Executive Producer, ITV London Studios

“This film intelligently presents a rare, intimate insight into the realities of loss, hope and confusion that comes with cross-cultural adoption. Timely and important.” 
– Gaylene Gould- Author The Sacrifice

Adopted ID is suitable for screening at a wide variety of events such as; film festivals, private functions, educational institutions, adoption agencies, adoption support groups, adoption camps and Haitian cultural events.

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